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Borghese Readers from Icon Eyewear


The telephone rang early one morning panicking us; empty nest boomers don’t take kindly to phone calls after mid-night.

My brave cowboy answered, I held my breath.  We relaxed at the sound of his boss in Japan on the other end of the line.

She needed a phone number for her first meeting of the day and was perky after her morning coffee, oblivious to the heart stopping flap we had been thrown into.

The business card on the night stand was easily located, even in a fog of sleep hubs was prepared!  Alas and alack the small print was not so easy to read without his daily contacts in place.

He enlisted help from his bedmate whose vision was still daytime clear thanks to extended wear lenses.  I held the card beneath my bedside lamp.

Taking advantage of all cuddle-able moments, now that we no longer share our house with impressionable youngsters, we squinted and peered at the 2 x 3 1/2″ card unable to make out the ten digit number.

We giggled into our pillows while Japan held patiently; humor is a good go to when all else fails.

Then I remembered the free sample of Borghese readers I had been sent for review,

Borghese readers

Borghese readers

and with a sigh donned them and began my first bout of multi eye-wear tasking!

Wow!  The allusive ten digits sprang off the card and into focus.  My cowboy successfully closed the conversation and we were able to return to our snuggles.

Thanks to Icon Eyewear no print will ever be too small to read again!

Maybe I’ll be able to thread that needle too!  But that can wait until the morning…


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