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New York Subway…


I have just returned from a quick trip to New York for something my daughter just had to do!

It took her all of thirty minutes…

…and gave me three days in a swanky hotel because daughts never leaves home without me and my  wallet…

We could have just sat in our room absorbing the ambience of a Hilton Garden Inn,


the luxury of a memory foam king size bed, sirens shattering the hum of downtown Tribecca, fresh coffee in the lobby, warm cookies in the evening…

but we didn’t!

We went out and met the Big Apple and all it had to offer, head on!

The first thing we did, which hubs warned us against, was use the subway.


When we told him on our safe return, no need to have him worrying about muggings while we were away, he said,

“I would never ride on a New York subway!”

We were treated to buskers three times, all on the same day all on the same line.

A woman entered the train with a cardboard drum covered in plastic, apologised for making a noise and sat down and proceeded to sing about trying to get back on her feet again.  She wasn’t very successful and left at the next stop.

Then four men got on with collapsible stools and drums that looked positively sophisticated compared to their predecessor’s and they drummed a rhythm which people liked judging by the smiles.

Later in the day we were on a platform waiting for a train and I could hear voices but thought it was piped music.  It wasn’t!  A group of older men were singing selections from their CD which was free, they told us, with a donation of $10.00.  I don’t know how many CD’s they parted with but a lot of people went to give money and we heard three of their songs.

Compared to London?  Not as busy we were alone in a car once,


hard plastic seats compared to London’s padded affairs, certainly dirtier, no maps inside the carriages so we could work out connections between the lines.

But they served their purpose, got us where we wanted to go with,

one swipe, one ride, one price!


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