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New York, New York…


We alighted, as the British conductors say, in Uptown New York and walked.


It was cold and windy and we sought refuge in the M&M shop,


a pizza place, daughts was hungry, and the Empire State Building,


With its breathtaking views,




The first evening we went for dinner at a little Italian across the road that ruined our future dining experience for the rest of the trip.


Yes, we sat in that little add on place!

Have you even eaten tomato mousse with fresh bread to dip in it?  Or spinach souffle with garlicky cream and pesto sauces drizzled cunningly on top and a pasta with all sorts of yummy delectables included in the marinara sauce?  Poppolinis you were the best!

The following day I walked for 90 minutes while daughts was strutting her stuff and marvelled at how level the sidewalks were.  I felt safer in neighbourhoods where folk were walking dogs or pushing strollers.

I saw a banner hanging from one of the apartment buildings that read,

“Raising a child in a New York City apartment is like growing an oak tree in a thimble.”

I had to snap one of the many buildings with fire escapes criss crossed across their exterior walls.


We went to Ground Zero, the area is still cordoned off and there was money to be made from us everywhere we turned so we captured this shot of three of the five, new, stunning, buildings and moved on,


to continue our walk in the snow!


And ended up watching the ice skaters at Madison Square gardens!

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