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New York Food…


My little dancer daughter can pack away a sizeable quantity of food!  New York turned into quite a gourmet delight most of the time!

I mentioned earlier the little Italian we patronised on our first evening, Poppolinos.

The following day daughts decided she would sample a hot dog from a sidewalk vendor…braver soul than I!


We were visiting Little Italy for dinner so she restrained herself from sampling a pretzel curbside afterwards!

Later, deep in the maws of Italiana, we enjoyed being wooed by waiters who paced the pavements in front of their restaurants, promising us mouth watering selections inside their humble businesses.

Can you believe we made the wrong choice?

We ordered our meal and our appetiser was supposed to be deep fried mozarella, and it probably was only it looked for all the world like a thick French toast sandwich drowning in a cheesy anchovy sauce and tasting like fishy tofu…we both voted it disgusting and put it on the chopping block!

I summoned the waiter and told him it wasn’t what we expected and sent it back with an order for the anti-pasta instead.  Sadly this had been sitting out in the kitchen for too long, evidenced by the piece of mozarella perched on a slice of tomato centre stage sporting a dried crust!  I hailed the waiter again and cancelled our chicken entree telling him we were greatly disappointed and were leaving.

I paid for the appetisers.

We went to the sports bar adjoining our hotel next and daughts ate pulled pork sliders,


while I opted for dessert!


Yes, there’s a glass of wine in there too!

The following day I managed to get her through the morning with brunch at The Carnegie Deli,


an open faced Reuben which we split and then left half of!


can you wonder!?

The portions were enormous and who can wipe their plate clean?  The amount of grub thrown away when the table is cleared must be criminal!

Later in the afternoon we headed over to Serendipity near Central Park,


where we had coffee and chocolate mousse while watching people share the frozen hot chocolate.


I had had enough fodder for the day but intrepid daughts ventured out in the evening for a slice of pizza near the hotel but came back empty handed because it was cash only and she didn’t have the $1.25 to pay for her one measly portion!  Her mouth was watering as she begged the fellow behind the counter to let her have it for free but he refused even though he most likely threw it away as soon as the door hit her butt!

Our journey home was food-less unless you count a bag of bagel bites and a pretzel dog between flights?

She raided the fridge as soon as she arrived home!


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