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Wedding Countdown…Kegs and Ponies


We are buying the beer and wine for the reception.

We’ve already picked up the wine having spent months trying to get the prospective husband and wife team to make a wine tasting evening of it with dinner at our house.

It never happened and we decided to take the initiative and go with what tickled our palettes.  Who was paying for the wine anyway?!

Last week we picked up the appropriate number of cases for the expected crowd.  Those are sitting safely in our boot so we are not tempted to start the party without the wedding.

The beer is another kettle of fish.  Not knowing the capacity of a 1/2 keg or even what a pony was we trusted the experience of the betrothed who seemed to be on first name terms with barrels of beer and ordered three special brews from local breweries in the quantities requested.

I had a statistic:  1 keg equalled 150 pulls.  If I were still in my homeschooling mode I’d say I didn’t have enough information to solve the problem, but as a concerned mother-of-the groom…not the bride, I decided to tackle it head on with what I had!

With this piece of information I reckoned half a keg to be 75 pulls and a pony, 1/6 keg, 25 pulls. With only 125 pulls for a crowd of 130 I was doubtful the beer would have the staying power of the wine, their friends enjoyed their specialty beers we had heard.  As a good Mum I began to worry that the good stuff would run out before the happy couple had a chance to raise a glass.

We ordered an additional half keg of Shiner to pour first to be on the safe side, ostensibly saving the best for last while photos were being taken in the nearby park.

When our son came over last Sunday to work on his vows we asked him if he could clarify the amount of liquid in a pull?  He had no idea but he did have another fact which would have helped greatly when we first embarked on this project.

A half a keg is 7.5 gallons and a pony is 5 gallons so in total we would have 17.5 gallons which is 140 pints or 280 1/2’s.

A much easier number to work with than 150 pulls!

We’ve cancelled the 1/2 keg of Shiner since most of our friends are wine drinkers and we know, with Christ in our midst, we won’t be running out!


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