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Wedding Countdown…Rehearsal Dinner


No room at the Inn!

My brother, from England, called and told me he was bringing the boys to the wedding, did I have a full house?

Unlike our visits to England where we always had to find our own accomodation, family from that side of the pond always look to us and our McMansion as the preferred place to stay for their holiday.

I did have a houseful but we were able to re-arrange.  My mother in law is now staying with her younger son around the corner from us, thus freeing up a large downstairs room.

One large room will have to do for my brother and his sons.

Left over from our escapade with mattresses, Clampitt style back in July, we have two gracing one boxspring in said room.  Perfect!

We made them both up so the top one could be pulled off to lie on the floor.  I had no idea how large our rooms were, there is still walking space!

Upstairs my nanny daughter is staying in her Ikea twin bed and in the next room daughts has a friend spending the night after the wedding.  So all in all that’s 5 additional people in our house.

We’re having to schedule showers, but we get up hours earlier than any other adult so no worries there, young boys don’t bother with showers when there’s a pool in the back forty!

Because our cupboards are bare of child-like foods we bought special cereal, you know the kind with peanut butter and chocolate, smores poptarts, orange juice without pulp, white bread and cookies, all sorts of goodies that can’t be had in England.

The brisket is already cooked and sliced for sandwiches, there’s chicken to fry and pizzas to eat..

The first big event of their visit was the rehearsal and dinner.

I made two cakes, soaked them in alcoholic sweetness and iced them.  The youngest boy helped.

The oldest boy went to the church to help with set up.

Dad slept.

During the afternoon, when there weren’t enough hours left, I worked my magic at the parish hall and clothed all the tables in linens.  The ceilings were draped with yards of tulle, bows were fashioned by hubs and hung by friends.

Like our lives when Christ is present, the room has been transformed.


I dashed home to dress and write up instructions for the team I’d rallied to help with the dinner.

The rehearsal at the church was a waste of time for all but the immediate wedding party.  Grandmama and two little boy s were bored and you know what happens when boredom takes hold!

At home all was a buzz and Olive Garden feasted us admirably.  Only a portion or two of lasagna made it into the fridge!

Speeches were given.  It felt odd to have a party all about someone other than ourselves!

Everyone left raving about the beauty of our house…that we are selling.

May God bless us today as we finalise, in the eyes of God, the union of our youngest son and his betrothed.


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