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Hiccough or Hiccup, it’s all the Same to Me…


When interviewing my young nephews for my radio show, The Sociable Homeschooler, the youngest developed hiccups.

Not a good inhalation problem to have on the air.

“You’d better go into the kitchen and ask Uncle Larry to give you some peanut butter from the pantry, ” I said and off he scrambled.  Half way through my office door he stopped in his tracks with a grin and asked,


“Because peanut butter will stop your hiccups,” I said authoritatively!

He came back with a mouthful, or so it seemed, his brother told him to swallow it, which he did obediently and it was over!  Not a spasm or a malfunction of the glottis escaped during the hour we chewed the cud and went over their five exhilarating days Stateside.

Tune in to their interview on May 3rd at 12noon Texas time or 6pm GMT.

Ah that all hiccups were so easy to cure.

We put our house on the market at the end of February  and in two weeks had an offer on it which took a gruelling weekend to hammer out before signing contracts and beginning the option process which fast morphed into a full blown sale with deposit and wheels in motion.

For us we had to locate storage properties, decide what we wanted to take with us or let the newly weds have for their house and book flights to England where our flat was also under offer after being on the market for 18 interminable months.

Then, on the weekend of the wedding a hiccough occurred that put us in stall mode.

I’m not very good at stalling.  I keep looking around at everything that needs to be done with my hands bound behind my back.

In two weeks we’ll either be on the plane to London with money in the bank or not.  There are so many variables.

I am so glad I’m not God, I wouldn’t know where to start to keep everyone smiling.

Hopefully He has a really large jar of peanut butter in his pantry!


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