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God is Knitting…


Twenty some odd years ago I bought a painting from a young girl, the daughter of one of my Corporate America colleagues.  It was the first painting she had ever sold and she felt like a real artist.

My husband and I still enjoy having local artists’ work in our home.

I spoke to her recently and she told me,

“I was blessed that day when you bought my work.  I’ve never forgotten the words of encouragement from you.”

She also said how awesome God was to have knitted us together all those years ago,

“For such a time as this…”

I was interviewing her on my radio show.

The image of God knitting is a strong one.  My mother knitted all our jumpers and cardigans when we were growing up, I wish I still had some, the yarn, so useless in a ball, was knitted into something warm and fuzzy.

The psalmist uses the same image,

“You knit me together in my mother’s womb.” (Psalm 139:13)

Visions of God with a pair of clacking needles doing his creation thing dance in my mind.

My young friend’s use of the word knitting though, bringing lives together purl by purl over the decades, is powerful.

I began thinking of the hundreds of people I have met briefly during the course of my life and wondering at the resulting trails of wool and tangled mess my kitten antics would have made were it in my hands.

Leave it to God to take a ball of yarn and fashion something beautiful in our lives.

As I bought my young friend’s painting God cast on and began His woolly work.

He hasn’t dropped a stitch.



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