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Salvation is Not…


Salvation is not a reward.

A reward is given in return for good done,

A reward smacks of works and we are told that we cannot work our way to heaven,

“For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith…it is the gift of God…not by works so no-one can boast.”  (Ephesians 2:8-9)

A reward is offered or awarded for some service or attainment.  A stimulus set in place as an enticement to shine.

God the Father sent His Son as a gift, not a reward.

No works, no incentives, no bribery or cajoling, no amount of exemplary service on our part can help us wheedle our way into heaven.

Only a passion, death and resurrection filled with blood and gore, pain and agony, suffering and despair can guarantee us a place.

Only with Christ by our side can our sins be washed away and death defeated once and for all.

Only the acceptance of God’s gift can reserve us a place in Paradise.

We need do nothing!  Just reach out our open hands and feel the love.

Jesus is the free gift not the reward.

Jesus is the grace through which I will one day become God’s room-mate even if I can’t meet the mark on my own.

Christ has met it for me.

That’s the Good News, the Absolutely Fabulous News, of Salvation!!



  1. Hey there. I love good discussion about our Salvation in Christ to that end, I do have one question if you are inclined to answer. I agree that we cannot earn our salvation. But once we have it we cannot just do nothing. That is not what Jesus told us to do is it? Did he not then tell those he saved to go out into the world and bear good fruit?

    • Thanks for the response and I agree, but if we don’t bear good fruit, and who’s to say what good fruit is because we impact so many people in our lives without even knowing if the fruit is good or bad, we are still saved and that is the most amazing news!

      • I was speaking of those who claim Christ but do not live according to his teaching. Those who cheapen grace by purposefully sinning because of grace. Those even Jesus warns will not enter into heaven.

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