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Killing Time…


At 11 o’clock this morning I went and sprawled on the living room couch and said,

“I’m meant to be writing, can you tell?”

Hubs looked up from his computer and smiled.

I’ve got this whole week blocked off so that I can focus on preparing a piece for writing group and get started on my book about the year I spent in England…last year!

But I keep finding much better things to do, housekeeping type projects related to writing and other distractions that effectively keep me from the real task of writing something creative!

So far I’ve,

Moved some files from my desktop to my external hard drive

Wandered outside to see how the builders are doing replacing the wood rot, a project my dear hubs is responsible for overseeing not me!

Checked my HG Wells (aforementioned external hard drive) to see how much space I have left on it

Also checked my Mac Book for remaining space while I was at it

Written up how I divert all my music and photos through HG Wells because I am buying a new computer this week and want to ensure I set it up properly

Listed things to tell my future webmaster when he comes to meet me this afternoon to discuss the streamline of my blogs.  Not that it will help me get down to the real task of content!

Experimented with a new eye shadow look I found in my Avon catalogue

Played a few rounds of Yahtzee with PerriPoppins

Scheduled tweets for two weeks hence

Recorded birdsong to take with me to England.  While in the app I also listened to the English birdsong I recorded while I was there for a year…last year and about which I need to write.

Checked my stats at Toginet and discovered that I had three times as many downloads as usual on Monday, it must have something to do with the word “Sex” in my tweets.

Made  a few suggestions to myself on future radio show guests

Spoken to my newly wedded son and discussed the furniture he’s taking when we sell the house

Sent a reminder out to my writing group about our meeting on Thursday for which I need to write something

Texted my hairdresser for a final hair cut

Just finished chatting to my daughts about what she should pack for an open ended visit to London

Written this blog!

I need to buckle down on my book.

But it’s almost time for lunch and my first cup of coffee.

Yes, I did all this after devotions and Yoga and before lunch and caffeine.


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