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Carry On Regardless…


Despite the hiccups on our property sale Stateside we’re carrying on regardless.  That is rather like jumping out of a flying air craft without a parachute in the hopes that you’ll land on something soft.

We began filling boxes this weekend.

I was charged to tackle my office with all the books since the foundation people were coming first thing on Monday morning and would need access to the wall where the bookcases sit.

How many boxes does it take to empty a bookcase?  It depends on the number of books of course and I have them lining the perimeter of my work place.




Each box holds a shelf full!  Early into the project I discovered my mistake of filling two huge boxes.  I couldn’t move them out of my way let alone to the front door clear on the other side of the house.


I used 21 boxes for 32 shelves.


Hubs was in the living room doing some packing and when I’d had enough of unshelving I wandered out to see how he was faring,


and realised he’d denuded the walls, the mantlepiece and other surfaces where knick knacks used to reside.


“I thought we would start on the remote rooms, ” I said in a soft voice as I realised I’d seen my living room at it’s very best for the very last time the last time I had strolled through it.


Know the kind of moment?

My son and his wfe came over and helped us with the attic on Sunday, a day of rest from waiting tables for them.

It took the four of us two hours to bring everything to ground level and I was pretty impressed by what a good job I’d done two years ago when I called a major Sort the Attic get together.  There are lots of boxes where the cars usually park,


and they have all passed muster to gain entrance into one of the storage facilities.


Today I am in my closet.


Yikes, there’s no turning back now.


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