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How Many More Spanners…?


I’ve written about some of the spanners that have been thrown into the works while ambitiously undertaking property sales on two continents.

For now the Dallas one has sort of settled down except that the appraisal may not complete by closing,

“Why the 1st of May?” our real estate agent was asked by the lender.

“It’s in the contract, have you not read it?” she questioned.

A man was sent out toute suite on Sunday!

Our agent sat and visited with us while appraising was conducted and we talked about another delay if the reports don’t make it to the table by May 1st.  She would have everything ready for us to sign beforehand and things would proceed while we were not in situ.

That would leave us hanging…oh the suspense!

The London one is another story.  This past Friday we were given the news that the flat has fallen through.  Again!

I had been assured by the Beckenham agents that there was no chain but they’ll say anything to get your business and seize your trust, no matter how short lived.  They gamble that everything will work out and when it doesn’t you are too strapped to do anything about it!  Not us we are not waiting to buy anything!

My brother called hard on the heels of this news,

“Technically,” he said, “there is no chain, she only needed the money from the sale of her house.”

English chains are complicated and their definitions are incomprehensible. To me there is a chain if any buyer is dependent on a sale.  Her buyer must have lost his buyer who may have lost her buyer and on and on down the line, or chain, in Englese.

Be it one link or ten I am directly affected by someone with whom I will have no truck.

Our return to England will whisk me into shopping mode, new furniture to tart the flat up for its re-launch onto the market.

We could be there awhile heading off more spanners.


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