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iPhone iPhun…


Hubs and I have joined the ranks of the electronically savvy.  We each have an iPhone.

Hubs bought our newly married son’s 4 while he upgraded to a 5 and I bought one from a friend of a friend who has a refurbishing iPhone business.

After a day I learned enough about my iPhone to check its size.  It was too small a mere 8GB.  I called and extracted the promise of a 16GB as soon as they got one in.

Two weeks passed with no 16 so I asked for a refund, gave up my new toy and bought another one in Garland from someone I didn’t know.

After a night I had a run in with its WiFi recognition or lack thereof.

I’d not heard from Daughts all evening which was highly irregular.  When she finally came home I wasn’t happy and she told me in the morning that she had indeed sent me several messages that I’d not responded to.

Wifi on this iPhone was touch and go through the house spitting out random messages as they arrived in my box, two of which were indeed from daughts.

I took it back.

Unwilling to have to give up an instant refund the Afghani owner suggested I go for a diagnostic at the Apple store.

“If they declare it irreparable,” he said, “I’ll switch it out for another one Thursday at the latest.”

We leave a few days after that…

I was skeptical.

Hubs was irritated.  He wants me to share the fun of electronic sophistication.

The Apple store traded me in a brand new one for a few extra dollars.

I asked hubs when he gave it to me if it was a 32 by any chance,

“No, the trade in had to be Apples to Apples.”

I laughed, what iPhun we were having growing old together!


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