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Solid Foundation…


We had our foundation jacked up last week as part of the final thrust on the road to completing the sale of our family home.

Two men came out, dug holes along the side of the house where I both office and sleep.

They were noisy not only with the digging but with the phone calls and talking and doing other business.  Obviously we were not their only clients for the day.

They had long hollow metal poles which a nifty contraption drove into the ground until they hit bedrock, which is a depth that varies depending on the earth beneath our house.

The poles had to be driven 24 feet.  Bedrock can be 8 feet down or as much as 60!


As they started the machine to penetrate the soil to great depths I could feel the office walls flexing as if it were on a rack,

Foundation4then I felt the ceiling creak and groan as if it were going to split open any minute and reveal blue sky.

Foundation3I went outside and the men said it sounded worse inside than outside.  They were right!

Once they hit the solid rock they levered the house to level and came inside with a measuring machine.  After a couple of adjustments, which honestly felt like an earthquake (daughts said her bed moved upstairs!), the house was declared level and the piers were bolted into place.

Foundation5They went to lunch.  I looked around the house to see if there were any gaping cracks in the ceilings, but nothing.

My office door now closes without a struggle, I’d always put it dwn to swelling and shrinking of the wood as the seasons changed.  The master bathroom door also closes easily, something I had put down to age or a hinge slipping in the door post.

The holes were filled in and they left after three short hours and one less pier than quoted!

If we hadn’t been selling I could have lived without the expense of foundation repair, however the lenders couldn’t!


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