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Pool Plastering…


Pool plastering seemed to be a much more labour intensive undergoing than the underpinning of my house!

To start with it took three days.

One day to drain.


Two men arrived before dawn, or so it seemed, threw a pump into the pool, slung a hose over the fence,


and left.

Late in the afternoon it was empty and the pump was sucking air.  Hubs, who has a way with mechanical devices, turned it off and removed it from the bottom of the drained pool.

He called the company and they promised they would have a man over the following morning by noon.

By now the foundation had been hoisted, my house was level and two doors that had resisted shutting now closed with a satisfying click!

At 4pm men arrived with jack hammers and energy to prepare the pool for plastering.  The noise was deafening the air was quickly filled with clouds of fine white dust.


They wore no protective ear plugs to prevent ear drum damage or masks to reduce the risk of inhalation.

We closed our windows and continued with our evening, loading a truck with the first round of packing boxes,


quite a job for a couple of boomers.


Once loaded we took a a break with God for thirty minutes, I needed some Holy Spirit magic, then we reversed the process into one of our storage units,


and returned home at 8pm exhausted and promising ourselves we would never do that again…ever!

The jack hammerers were still hard at work, in the dark, I put on the pool light and we went out to talk to them for a moment.

It was their fourth pool of the day, good news for their wallets but not so good for their lungs or ears!

They left at 9pm!

The next morning the pool looked like Frankenstein,


and it was ready for the plastering team!

My son and I were in my office going over the new features of my computer when a group of workers arrived to finish the pool, bright and early at 1pm!

They put on their music, sang a few choruses of a favourite song and got down to work.


Ian and I kept expecting a delivery of fajitas and margaritas!

They finished,


and the long, slow process of filling commenced.Filling

It took all night despite my concern that I would awaken to my cup having runneth over!

Now for a few days I can look at a shimmering pool, no cracks in the plaster no broken tiles.


This job was well worth the money!


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