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Command of Spanish or Latin…


Daughts went to a pool party last weekend.

The water was heated to 90 degrees so she didn’t have to pull a Baggarley boy and swim in the freezing cold just because she is half English!

The party thrower was a little light in the loafers.

It is a culture; he has a Facebook page called The Gays of My Life…

Daughts texted me when she got there,

“Lots of gays!”

I textponded with, “Claro!”

She texted,


I texplained,

“What did you expect?  Claro is Spanish for ‘duh!'”

She uses the English word, “clearly,” when I state the obvious.  I thought it would be self explanatory, but she was swimming!

She responded,

“Oh well, I didn’t take Spanish in school.  My Mum, she homeschooled me and made me do Latin …like I’d ever use Latin in life!!!!”

I wracked my brains for something Latin she’d know ‘in life!’

“Et tu Brute?”  I textwered, “meaning ‘ you’re kidding me…?'”

“Thanks!  Lol” she said.

I tsaid,

“Etc, etc, etc… more of the same, as in  yadda, yadda, yadda!”

Ah, once a homeschooler always a homeschooler!


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