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A Passel Under 5: My Interview by Melitsa Avila Show 168…



Each week I lure an unsuspecting, hugely fascinating person to join me for part of the show with offers of social media exposure and they come willingly to talk about aspects of family life, which usually relate to homeschooling and always speak straight to the heart of parents who place the responsibility of child rearing above their highest joy.  Today I’ve got a treat for you, I am being interviewed by one of my recent guests, Meltisa Avila, for her weekly podcast!  I’ll be in the hot seat for a change answering some challenging questions about regrets and positive changes!   I’ll also be chatting to myself about how I solved having to read  my children’s favourite books (not always mine!) night after night at bedtime!  I’m still drinking chamomile tea to alleviate the rushedness of life and chowing down on a Kitkat, chocolate works wonders to banish the angst!  Let’s get started so I can nip down to the fish and chip shop later!

I will be live at 12pm Texas time and 6pm London time so click on the link below and you’ll hear me in a bit!


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