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Kneeling Before Their Saviour…


When it comes time for communion in St. George’s Lady Chapel on Wednesday mornings I am touched by the sight of two people making their way to the altar.

With hands firmly gipped on their canes and a dutiful daughter or friend guiding them they walk slowly to the railings.

In other churches, when I have been paying attention, I have seen these fragile men and women stand at the altar to receive communion.

I was moved when both of them lent down, placed their canes on the floor and knelt in front of their Lord to receive His real presence in the form of bread and wine.

Then, stiffly, they retrieved their canes and pushed up from the rail to retrace their measured steps up the aisle to their seats.

Smiles shone from their faces and their well used bodies spoke of a bygone age of respect.

What else could they do but kneel before their Saviour?


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