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Reliable Worker


Hubs and I were on the Church green this weekend.  In addition to rides for the children there was a farmer’s market going on and all sorts of interesting stalls to browse.

We were promoting our parish church, St. George’s, and some of the ladies were finding it “difficult” to hand out leaflets and flyers, to evangelize.

One of my sons went all the way to China to hand out tracts to students and talk to them about Jesus.  Here we were literally on our own turf, promoting our parish church that plays an important role in the lives of many Beckenhamians whether they know it or not.

Everyone I approached had heard the Sunday morning bells, or come in for a concert, or taken the path through the churchyard as a short cut, or made note of the time when its clock chimed the quarter hour.  Many hadn’t taken the plunge to come to a service yet but we chatted about their children or dogs and invited them to visit.

Our position on the green was lovely, we were next to two boozy stalls one selling bottles of home made cider and another selling fruit infused gins and vodkas!  Daughts and I had to do a bit of sampling when I wasn’t manning the booth.

Getting to know our neighbours in this casual market setting made for a pleasant, if not at times, amusing morning.


I was not the only one who appreciated the irony of this man’s chosen spot for a nap.  He woke up oblivious to the mirth he had generated.


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