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Super Hubs…


In two weeks we became more comfortable with our hand held computers, emailing our old buddies and iMessaging our children like teenagers.

We carry our devices everywhere, never turning them off to save power!  The only problem is we are not really good at hearing them in the London traffic.  Hubs keeps his in an inside pocket where he is able to feel the vibration when someone alerts him that it’s his turn to play Yahtze or Word.  I am oblivious to any activity or desperate calls for advice until I arrive home and dump my phone out of my bag.  I can neither hear nor feel when someone reaches out to me through the airwaves.

Any solutions out there?

The day of the Virgin installation finally arrived and all went without a hitch, unlike the White Goods Repairman visit the day before!

Hubs was able to hook our Vonage box into the router and hey presto, we have our original home phone number ringing into our London falt courtesy of computer genius!  Not only that but he was also able to hook up our Apple TV and we get netflix right here on our flat panelled television in our English living room!

Now we have a phone for American calls and our iPhones for local calls.


Salesmen calling to solicit business between 6pm and 7pm, CT!

Hubs is recording a message to confuse callers who think they’re making a local Dallas call only to end up in London.  Plus we are going to turn the ringer off when we turn in.

Hubs had a thrilling day!


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